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X-HSF-500 "Gunstar"

5 Plasma Cannon Turrets
8 Tube Missile Launcher
1 "Death Blossom" System

The X-HSF-500 "Gunstar" is the latest experimental starfighter in the Lego Space Force fleet. It is a new experiment in heavy-payload starfighters, in which the fighter would be able to take on a greater number of enemy vessels on its own.

The Gunstar has two crew: a gunner and pilot. The Gunner is seated frontmost in the fuselage, and has a clear view of the surrounding space. A pilot is seated further aft, and is solely responsible for all flight duties, as well as all evasive maneuvers. This frees the gunner to concentrate on targeting

The Gunstar is equipped with five turret-based plasma cannons, which give it a 360 degree fire arc. An eight-tube missile launcher is mounted beneath the fuselage, and the missile batteries are just aft of the launcher.

The latest developments in technology have led the LSF techs to equip the Gunstar with three times the number of maneuvering thrusters that a conventional starfighter would carry. Not only does this make the Gunstar extremely maneuverable, but it also allows the development of the "Death Blossom" mode, in which instance the Gunstar opens its eight internal weapons bays and fires all weapons as fast as the gunner can target enemy vessels. The payload of the "Death Blossom" mode is classified.

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