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The Neverwhere 2

Horqdrive Cluster 8 Engines
2 Blaster Cannons
2 Ion Cannons
4 Ion Charge Missiles
4 Concussion Missiles
2 Ion Charge Missiles (rear fire arc)

"Calamity" Jane Watts has enjoyed much success as a bounty hunter. After a particularly grueling mission, the Neverwhere was looking a little worse for wear, and the systems were badly in need of an overhaul. Jane decided to take her profits and refit the Neverwhere with upgraded technology. The 5 main engines were replaced with a new Horqdrive cluster, containing 8 thrust units. The living spaces were also upgraded. The lowest deck is equipped with a holding cell for bounties. The middle deck contains the crew living quarters and the engineering station, and the uppermost deck still houses the cockpit and targeting systems. Jane decided to upgrade the weapons systems as well. The Neverwhere is now equipped with two blaster cannons, as well as two Ion cannons. The missile payload has been expanded to contain four Ion charge missiles, as well as four concussion missiles. Jane also added two Ion charge missiles to fire rearward, because of the relatively unprotected hindquarters. These missiles can fire while the panels are closed as well.

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