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Frequently Asked Questions:

On 09/02/2006 Jimbo McDoobyfrap asks:
I got my fleebnork yesterday, and it ate my baby. Is there any way to get it to eat my wife as well?
The Grand Admiral says:
Drape some power couplings around her shoulders.

On 03/08/2004 Gaku nut asks:
Hey grand admiral dude, I'm curios,Do fleebnorks attack Bionicles?
The Grand Admiral says:
Fleebnorks probably would eat barnicles or any other sea creature.

On 12/01/2003 Mike Thorn asks:
How does one, ah, *capture* this voracious creature in the first place?
The Grand Admiral says:
Usually with some candy and a van with darkened windows.

On 11/09/2003 Joe Newbie asks:
Why won't you answer my questions?
The Grand Admiral says:
Probably because you either didn't include your name and email in the question form, or because you're asking me for instructions on how to build my creations.

On 08/09/2003 The Not-So-Grand Captain. asks:
I'm looking for a new way to tighten my grip on my own little space empire and I'm wondering if it is possible to weaponize and train fleebnorks for, *ahem* "urban pacification" purposes. Any comments?
The Grand Admiral says:
It certainly would be possible to air-drop fleebnorks into a combat area, I wouldn't count on being able to train them.

On 07/28/2003 General Windu asks:
Is it possible to geneticly engenier a Fleebnork to be a different color?
The Grand Admiral says:

On 07/06/2003 Hafhead asks:
Is the fleebnork shipped inside the stasis tank, or do you use some other kind of restraint during shipping? I'm concerned that when I open the package, he'll get to work on eating my children before I can get him into the tank.
The Grand Admiral says:
The fleebnork is safely shipped inside its stasis tank.

On 06/25/2003 Admiral Giddens asks:
I'll have to say that little Fritzpatrick has just made our family complete. The wife and I have never been happier. Thank you Grand Admiral for this service... we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and the bottom of the WHOLE THE FREAKIN' THING ATE IN OUR FLOOR... cute lit' bugger... ya can't get mad at... HEY, HONEY, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DESK? Dern it.... cute litl' bugger.
The Grand Admiral says:
Well, I am happy to hear you're enjoying your Pet Fleebnork.

On 06/24/2003 Regulus asks:
Is there any way I can use a fleebnork to wax my ship and does it secrete any substances that fill in plasma burns? Also, do they make good watch pets?
The Grand Admiral says:
I wouldn't let a fleebnork near any part of your ship. However, they will make good watch pets, as they try to eat anything near them. I'm not sure how you would get them to stay in one place, however. A stasis tank would defeat the purpose.

On 06/23/2003 Jr.Mar.Hoffman asks:
GA Muffinhead, can you recommend any creams or lotions that might help if i were to come too close to a fleebnork?
The Grand Admiral says:
Preferably ones that can grow lost limbs.

On 06/22/2003 MmmBeefy asks:
How much fleeb could a fleebnork nork, if a fleebnork could nork fleeb?
The Grand Admiral says:
What a good question. How much, indeed. I am afraid I do not have the answer. Perhaps you should adopt a fleebnork and conduct your own studies.

On 06/18/2003 Zlatko Unger asks:
If my fleebnork escapes and destorys my house as well as the occupants can I get a money back ?
The Grand Admiral says:
Please read all care instructions included with your pet fleebnork.

On 06/17/2003 Tim Courtney asks:
How do you suggest I feed my pet fleebnork?
The Grand Admiral says:
Very carefully.

On 06/12/2003 Kyle Keppler asks:
Can I name my own fleeb? Or have they allready been named by their birth parents? Do you have any named wilfred?
The Grand Admiral says:
All fleebnorks come with a name, but you may rename your fleeb when you receive it. This may lead to it having an identity crisis however.

On 06/12/2003 Brickenrocker asks:
Can fleebnorks be taught to perform tricks?
The Grand Admiral says:
It's not the tricks that are difficult, it's feeding them the treats.

On 06/10/2003 Pookie asks:
How well do fleebnorks interact with bitbulls? I have a bitbull and I am concerned that the two will not get along.
The Grand Admiral says:
Fleebnorks find most other pets delicious.

On 05/31/2003 Alexander asks:
Do fleebnorks really make an excellent fuel source? Also, do fleebnorks have a planet of origin, or are they a space-faring species?
The Grand Admiral says:
Authentic fleebnorks do not provide a fuel source, nor are they sentient. No one is sure at this time from which planet their species originates.

On 05/29/2003 Assistant \'Norker, 3rd Class asks:
Dearest sir Admiral, will you please reconsider releasing these dangerous beasts to the public? Fleebs make horrible pets, and this will undoubtably cause countless innocent spacedeaths.
The Grand Admiral says:
Pet Fleebnorks come with authentic Stasis Tanks, and are certified for public use.

On 05/29/2003 David Gregory asks:
What are the different colors of fleebnorks that can be found around the galaxy? Is each different color a different strain or subspecies? Are alternately colored fleebnorks able to be created in the lab (with genetic engineering, not spraypaint)? What are the abilities and traits of each color of fleebnork?
The Grand Admiral says:
Fleebnorks are trans neon green. Anything else just isn't a fleebnork.

On 05/28/2003 Austin Creek asks:
Dear Grand Admiral Muffin Head, Why is it that everyone burns Fleebs with plasma torches?! If they are that dangerous to my home module and spaceship fleet, then do they come with some kind of guard or security system, or even a plasma torch?!
The Grand Admiral says:
They come with a stasis tank, to keep them (and you) safe.

On 05/28/2003 Stone Gaijin asks:
Can you describe the fleebnork?
The Grand Admiral says:
Fleebnorks enjoy pina coladas and gettin' caught in the rain.

On 05/28/2003 Micheal Hassall asks:
Dear Grand Admiral will you ship internationaly and does your minifig come with the set?
The Grand Admiral says:
I will consider shipping internationally, but you must realize that it can get quite expensive. I'm sorry, but my minifig does not come with the set.



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