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On 08/30/2005 alec asks:
dear oh great and mighty grand admiral!! even though i am just a pathetic parasite on your great and mighty empire,I beg for your advice.I have shipbuilding trouble, and your ships are the mighteist in the universe! and so i ask you, where do you get your ideas and where do you start building them?
The Grand Admiral says:
My good man Alec, I suggest you visit and consult all the great builders there.

On 07/22/2005 Royal Mist asks:
I appear to have the wrong space-time or the wrong space-channel. Or both. Where and when may I find the next issue of "The Search for Grand Admiral Sandlin" a.k.a. "Rescue the Grand Admiral!"? My faith in the Justice is running out.
The Grand Admiral says:
Stay tuned, True Believer. The next episode is in the works! The Grand Admiral is a busy man.

On 04/23/2005 dan walker asks:
The Grand Admiral says:

On 03/20/2005 Phoenix Squardren Commander asks:
Sir, Grand Admiral I have obtained one of your fleebnorks as a gift and so far has eaten the supports holding up my office... I built it out of titanium so it would be strong enough not to be eaten but I guess i am wrong. Is their a material that is un-etable by fleebnorks?
The Grand Admiral says:
Well not many people like Brussels sprouts.

On 04/08/2004 Samarth asks:
Do the fleebnorks have a language or are they like Pokemons who can only say 'pleh' ?
The Grand Admiral says:
There are pokemons who say PLEH!?

On 04/06/2004 Nich asks:
GA, I was wondering how you got into playing with lego's....was it a childhood hobby or was it a wierd obsession? ---Nich---
The Grand Admiral says:
I've been playing with LEGO ever since my 6th birthday in 1980. I received the Alpha 1 Rocket Base as a gift. And the rest is history. :)

On 01/12/2004 Chappie asks:
3 questions: A: When and why did you start building Spiffcraft? B: Do you actualy like Spam or did you just think of it randomly? C: How did you think of the Fleebnork?
The Grand Admiral says:
A: I think the first Spiffcraft was built in 2000. It was obviously influenced by my love of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes. B: Spamcake is something I borrowed from Tom McDonald at C: The Fleebnork was just one of those things that sprang from my imagination. :)

On 12/04/2003 Regulus asks:
Fleebnorks have infested our moonbase, and destroyed the Frap Shovel supply!! The base is small, and all the inhabitants have been evacuated. To prevent their further spread, would it be best to plasma bomb the area, or nuke the site from orbit?
The Grand Admiral says:
Nuke the site from orbit. Only way to be sure.

On 12/02/2003 david asks:
where did you get your nesquik bunny from? :)
The Grand Admiral says:
It was a promotional figure you could get by sending in order forms from packages of Nestle Quik in Germany. They pop up on eBay once in a blue moon, but they are rare.

On 11/10/2003 Nick Babb asks:
Will my fleebnork do my homework?
The Grand Admiral says:
No, but it will eat your homework.

On 09/26/2003 Ensign Jones asks:
If Fleebnorks eat everything with which they come in contact, and the only way to avoid their eating everything is to destroy them, preferably with the aid of plasma torches, how does the Fleebnork Capture and Containment Unit perform its duty, namely capturing and containing Fleebnorks?
The Grand Admiral says:
It performs very well, thank you.

On 08/11/2003 Christoph asks:
When you need parts that you don't have in your possesion, do you go to a shop to buy legosets? If so, do you feel comfortable when you buy it? Aren't you afraid what people might think of you?
The Grand Admiral says:
I like my LEGO hobby. It has brought me many good friends and lots of fun. When other people start paying my bills, I'll start caring about what they think of what I buy.

On 08/11/2003 Dave asks:
Were you the first to come up with the idea for Fleebnorks?
The Grand Admiral says:

On 08/09/2003 Tw0n asks:
Hail, Oh Mighty Grand Admiral!!! Two questions I wish to ask the Keeper of Fleebnorks: First, which comes first for you, the concept and story, or the playing and construction? And B, how do you find the time to produce all the cool stuff? Peace and Long Life, Tw0n
The Grand Admiral says:
Most of my creations come from concepts... some of them are based on things I have seen, and some come from sketches or doodles. Time to build is where you find it. You have to MAKE time to build, even if it's just an hour or two here and there. Thanks for writing.

On 08/09/2003 George asks:
Hi, where was the first siting of a Fleebnork? And were Fleebnorks a scientific experiment to create something to eat trash gone wrong?
The Grand Admiral says:
It is not known quite when fleebnorks appeared. Some say they were present when the first interstellar missions took place. We do know they are annoying.

On 07/22/2003 -Duane asks:
Do you have any idea what might happen if my pet fleebnork gets into my spamcake supply?
The Grand Admiral says:
It would eat the spamcake. Duh.

On 07/07/2003 adamgnome asks:
In what official Lego set(I dont know how to work ebay o_o) Can you find a transparent green scorpian to make a fleebnork? ~adamgnome (who is attemping to creat a city of fleebnork o.O)
The Grand Admiral says:
Sorry, the Grand Admiral is not in the business of directing you to other fleebnork sources.

On 06/17/2003 Da ALC headcheez asks:
How do fleebnorks reproduce? What is the difference between a male and female fleebnork, or is there a queen fleebnork? What do baby fleebnorks look like? ~Trev
The Grand Admiral says:
I try not to ask my fleebnorks such personal questions, as we have a professional relationship.

On 06/17/2003 luke asks:
Do you keep all the things you build or do you take photos, then wreck them? If you keep them, where do you get so many pieces? Actually, where do you get so many pieces anyway?
The Grand Admiral says:
I disassemble things once in a while to recycle parts. I like to buy my LEGO at the store. I find the store to be a good place to obtain things.

On 06/15/2003 ky2 asks:
What is the difference between orange, and green fleebnorks?
The Grand Admiral says:
There are only green fleebnorks.

On 06/13/2003 ivan asks:
how or what is the dirrection to your brickshelf gallery
The Grand Admiral says:

On 06/09/2003 C/O Hennen asks:
Can electricity disable Fleebnorks?
The Grand Admiral says:
Since they enjoy chewing on power couplings, I'd say no.

On 05/29/2003 Vice Admiral Ryan Wilhelm asks:
G.A.- I have noticed that most spacecraft simply employ spacewalking dudes with flamethrowers of some sort to be partially rid of the Fleebnork menace. Has the G.A. ever considered equipping the ever-cool Spiffcraft with a Fleebnork Blaster 4000(r)?
The Grand Admiral says:
The Spiffcraft does not have Fleebnork problems. No it doesn't. Nuh-uh.

On 05/29/2003 Eric Sophie asks:
I had to explain to someone that Fleebnorks are like Mynocks. Now I can send them here. Their question was: If a Fleebnork were an actual Lego set, how many peices would be in one?
The Grand Admiral says:
2 Pieces: The Fleebnork and its round carapace.

On 05/28/2003 Admiral Giddens asks:
Why do fleebnorks glow green?
The Grand Admiral says:
It has something to do with their diet. I suspect an excess of fissionable materials is to blame, but it might just be the spamcake.

On 05/27/2003 JHK asks:
What did you use to make this site? Like what image editors, vector graphics stuff, etc? Its a good site, love the color scheme and rounded edges. -JHK
The Grand Admiral says:
The website code was constructed by Kyle Keppler and Paul Hartzog. Graphics work was done in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

On 05/27/2003 Joe Newbie asks:
The Grand Admiral says:



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