Welcome to the civilian MOC contest!
The rules are simple:

  • You cannot submit a previously published MOC. I want to see new creations.
  • No weapons allowed on the vehicle. These are craft used by regular folks.
  • The vehicle you create must be a civilian type vessel such as a personal craft or a delivery vehicle. Police vehicles are ok but they must not be combat oriented. That means no guns!
  • Military vehicles that don't have guns will not be accepted. I want civilian MOCs. Say it with me: Ci-vil-ian.
  • You must email a link to your entries to the Grand Admiral. I will post links to the entries on this page as I receive them. The Grand Admiral will not host your images, sorry.
  • I will make up categories for winners at a later time. Just build something cool and send it in.
  • I have not decided if there will be any prizes. Just build something cool and the Grand Admiral will consider it.
  • If you cannot figure out my email address you may use the webform on the Ask The GA section of this website.
  • Contest ends June 30

Nick Basile:
Blue Streak
The Blue Streak is the sports model designed and built by Eudrup Shipyards.

Chris Giddens:
Transport Rural Urban Conveyance

Nick Basile:
Stellar Mola
The Stellar mola is the economy personal transport of Eudrup Shipyards.

Miklos Hosszu:
MINI VW-3000
It is a futuristic hover Volkswagen Transporter in MINI scale.

Jon Palmer:
Bot Taxi
When robriq leave the pub... they take the bot taxi.

Dave Eaton:
Ice Cream Cruiser
Mmmmm, ice cream.

Roy Whitford:
Xerons Hovercar
The personal transport of the master designer Xeron, a Rikhu scientist of an easy-going nature.

Roy Whitford:
A small, sporty hovercar that seats one.

Jorge Fernandez:
Hover Taxi
All megacities in the future are crowded with these taxies, normally retired law enforcement vehicles that have been stripped from their "special" equipment and are sold at a fraction of their price.

Mario Gelinas:
Aquarius Bus
Equipped with 8 underwater propellors, 1 anti-gravity engine and 2 FTL (Faster Than Light) drives, this baby can go nearly everywhere where tourists want to go! Don't worry about the small blades at the front, as they are decorative and can only cut underwater vegetation at most. The last guy who tried to ram another spaceship with the bus managed to kill himself, destroy the bus and put a large bump in the other car's frame.

Todd Amacher:
High Performance Sports Hovercar

Daniel Hamann:
Red Hovercar
Influenced by Bram Lambrecht's P-38 design.

Ryan Wood:
Jade Empire Civilian Speeder

Chris Maddison:
Eastern Block Racer

Jeff Szklennik:
Corellian Corvette Hovercar

Flying Thai Restaurant
Flying Thai Restaurant from The Fifth Element

Tim Deering:
Floating Head Platform H series
Floating Head Platform.

Mario Gelinas:
SPC-Stenopterygius Speeder
The Stenopterygius Speeder is built for high speeds mainly, this ship is used as a racing vehicle and an exploration vessel. Cargo space is small but the engines controls are accessible from there, allowing quick repairs during a race. Being a high-tech vehicle, it's price is undoubtedly high.

Elroy Davis:
PRS72 Personal Rocket Sled

Paul Baulch:
Monster Truck
Yee Haw!

JP Rignault:
Tow Truck

Coruscant Hauler

Allister McLaren:
Space Garbage Truck

Troy Routley:
Municipal Shuttle
Municipal shuttle, used for mass transit or light cargo duty.

Troy Routley:
Utility Craft and Caboose
Utility craft for handling intermodal containers that doubles as a caboose for long container trains

Mario Gelinas:
Trash Convertor
Trash disposal is a big problem for all civilisations. Here is finally the solution: the Trash Converter. Using the old Einsten formula (E=MC^2) to its full extent, everything thrown in the convertor is transmuted into energy. It can even convert fleebnorks. The trouble still is to put them into it.

Allister McLaren:
Personal Air Transport

Matthew Roberts:
PP1-NE Patrol Car

Ryan Wood:
Floating Head Sportscar

Lenny Hoffman:
EB Bus

Brent Skadan:

Didier Disen:
Interplanetary Shuttle

Mark Neumann:
Space Ferrari

Jeff Szklennik:
HoverbyX Red
Hoverbike made from XPod Set

Jeff Szklennik:
HoverbyX Yellow
Hoverbike made from XPod Set

Jeff Szklennik:
HoverbyX Green
Hoverbike made from XPod Set

Jeff Szklennik:
HoverbyX Blue
Hoverbike made from XPod Set

Soren Roberts:
Hover Jetta

Tom Buckland:
zap-em Hover Van
Patrolling the city in His Hover-Van, veteran pest controller Rex Spanner is constantly on the look out for dangerous pests. With a 'pest be gone 9000' sprayer gun in one hand and a jar of mayo in the other hand Rex is always ready whether it be rampaging Fleebnorks, mutant Mosquito's or terrifying Space Hippies.

Tony Hafner:
Kuai Feng Jade Empire Racer
When the Jade Empire announced that it would enter the intergalactic racing circuit, many people were slow to believe it. But the Kuai Feng has proven itself as a solid ship, and Bei Zhen has proven herself as a dedicated professional. There is still much speculation as to why the Empire would enter this popular sport while making war on all of its neighbors, but they have offered no explanation.

Matthew Sklar:
Light Cargo Dropship
The LCD is designed for interstellar shipments and deliveries. With it's compact desing, retractable glass door, and fusion engine, it out hauls any other cargo ship it's size! These ships are used mainly on Corusant and the other Core Worlds for small shipments

Kevin Blocksidge:

Kevin Blocksidge:

Kevin Blocksidge:
Rocket Saddle

Mario Gelinas:
Fire, an old ennemy. Even with today's technology, fire can still go rampant. For such occasions, the Phoenix was designed to handle all situations. From the small appartment going ablaze to the forest fire and even oleoducs terrorism. For the small fires, the 8 Fireships are perfect. For more important ones, the Phoenix itself can join the fight with as much as 30 Hydrant hoses. The only design fault is the small size of the hydrant tank, meaning it has to refill often if there is no nearby hydrant outlet. In case people are still on site, two underside hactches with rescue pods are available. More than 20 people can be rescued before the Phoenix is full and must unload some of them.

Mario Gelinas:
Built to correct the Phoenix's small tanks problem. The Salamander has 6 hydrant tanks, connected to 4 hoses. It allows to refill a Phoenix 6 times, and can deserve 2 Phoenix at a time. The Salamander can also leave the hydrant tank on site while fetching a another one while it is being used. This allows a faster supply of hydrant to the Phoenix ships.

John Ladasky:

Ryan Wood:
Solar Sailer

Jeff Szklennik:
Blue Angels Aerospace Acrobat

Niels Bugge:
Charon - Hearse of the Future

Ryan Schamp:
Polychrest Deep Space Research Vessel

Nik Pieniazek:

Nik Pieniazek:

Andrew Saada:
Acura RSSX

Daniel Rubin:

Daniel Rubin:

Bill P:
Liquid Transport

Kevin Heckel:
Natty Ride

Kevin Heckel:
Grappler Tug

Niels Bugge:

Matthew Wightwick:

Space Tractor

Hovercar 1

Hovercar 2

Ph1l Painter:
Space Dump Truck

Paul Hartzog:


Gil Shaw:
Refuse Processing Craft

Andrew Saada:

Andrew Saada:

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