09/01/2006 - New Server
Fleebnork.com is on a new server, so email sent via my website should work properly now. If you tried to email me recently and never got a reply, try again!

06/02/2006 - Brikwars!
Mike Rayhawk over at Brikwars.com made a super nifty fleebnork stat card. Check it out HERE

04/25/2006 - Display at the First Lego League World Festival
I will be at the Georgia Dome displaying many of my creations April 27-29. Click here for details.

02/21/2006 - Contest!
I am co-sponsoring a contest with Adrian at Brickfrenzy.com! Check it out at Classic Space.

10/20/2005 - Yes I am still here
I know it's been a long time since I built something... almost a year. I was distracted with Warhammer 40,000 for a long time, as well as stymied by a gargantuan sorting pile. However, I have returned, sorted my bricks, and have a new MOC for you. Enjoy!

07/10/2005 - Brickfest
Hey kids, Brickfest is coming up, Aug 12-14th. Check it out at http://www.brickfest.com. See you there!

12/21/2004 - Classic-Space Forums!
There's a new forum for all you Space fans. Join us!

07/15/2003 - Welcome to Fleebnork.com!
Welcome to Fleebnork.com, formerly known as Mark's Lego Creations. You will notice that some of my older creations are present, but many are missing. I have decided not to import every model from my old website. You can still see them on Brickshelf. Thanks for visiting, and welcome!

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